Security window films protect your home, office or building

Increase the safety of your home and office with security window films. Glass windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of a home or commercial space. Normally a would-be thief will expect to smash glass panes quickly and gain access to grab merchandise or enter the home.

Security window films however provide an additional barrier for thieves and can thwart their attempted robbery. A window pane with security film applied will still break if enough force is applied, but the film holds the glass together in one piece, slowing down the intruder so that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

Security films come in a clear version or a tinted version to reduce heat, glare and UV fading. Within the 3M range of films there are security films and sun control films with identical tints so they match. Ground floor glass panes can have the tinted security film applied whilst upstairs panes which don’t require security may need the identical tint in the sun control film.

Security & Safety Window Films

Safety films prevent injuries

Consider the safety of your family at home or colleagues in the office and prevent the unwanted consequences of shattered glass.

Horrible injuries can result from children and adults accidentally crashing through glass doors and windows, and flying sharp shards of glass can be avoided. By installing clear safety window films, the film bonds to the inside of the glass and so even when the glass is shattered, the panel is maintained in one piece.

Solchek has installed 3M safety and security films on many premises in Adelaide for all types of incidences. This includes Government buildings which have 3M High Spec Security films to protect against bomb blasts.

Security & Safety Window Films
Security & Safety Window Films

Why 3M for security and safety window films?

Superior adhesive and optical clarity – unmatched in the industry combined with the clarity and consistent quality of the film make 3M Window Films the leader in the industry.

Patented micro-layers – thicker film does not mean stronger. By using layer after layer of micro thin polyester, 3M’s films outperform thicker films. This superior performance is due to the remarkable flexibility of 3M films.  While other films tear, 3M’s merely stretches, helping to keep the window in the frame even when the glass breaks.

Proven technology – 3M has been developing adhesives for over 80 years and is the world leader in adhesive technology.

Abrasion resistant – 3M Window Films have an abrasion resistant coating thus protecting the surface of the film.

Lifetime Guarantee – 3M are so confident of the quality and performance of their films they offer a lifetime guarantee to residential installations.

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