Enjoy your feeling of seclusion AND promote your business with privacy window tinting

Give your home or office privacy without reducing too much light coming in through the glass.
Privacy window tinting films are available in various grades to provide your required amount of privacy.

Door Privacy

3M Dusted Crystal, Frosted Crystal, Haze and Sandblast films provide the alternative to actual etched, frosted glass.

They are quickly and easily installed and are very cost effective, durable and extremely versatile.

Designs can be cut into the films or they can be left plain to give complete privacy while allowing the light through.

Balcony privacy

Balconies with a glass balustrade can be made more private with window films.

Frosted films can be across the full or part of the glass pane providing the natural light, outdoor feel but with privacy.

Privacy Window Tinting
Privacy Window Tinting

Commercial windows and doors

Outdoor – Mirrored grey and silver tints are often used on public buildings and commercial premises. They provide both privacy and reduce both heat and glare.

Indoor – Dusted and frosted crystal films installed on internal office glass panelling are a cost effective, long lasting way to provide privacy and information about your business.

Logos and other advertising material can be etched into the films. This means your corporate logo or latest sales promotion can be updated without costly replacement of plate glass.


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