Windows offer beautiful views and an abundance of natural light. But sunlight can create excessive heat and glare, and fade your fabrics and artwork. Window films protect against the sun and still fill your home with light just the way you want.

Much of the summer heat coming into homes through glass windows in Adelaide is caused by direct radiation from the sun rather than the transfer of hot air through the glass. Therefore on a warm sunny day, there might be a cool breeze blowing outside but sitting inside behind glass can feel much hotter.

Suncontrol Window Films

Double glazed windows with clear glass, while they prevent the transfer of hot or cold air, will not do much for radiant heat coming in through windows facing north, west or east (in the early morning) in Adelaide. However, installing window films on the inside of glass panes can substantially reduce the amount of heat coming in through the glass.

As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film can act as a screen to reflect back much of this heat. The amount of heat reflected will depend upon the type of film installed.

There are a wide range of films available to suit all types of homes reducing heat, glare in different proportions. For example, selected 3M window films are barely noticeable on the glass but still reduce a good proportion of heat. Other window films reduce a larger amount of heat while also substantially reducing glare.

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