Can glass tinting save energy?

Relatively mild temperatures for most of the year encourages Australians to build houses and commercial premises with large areas of natural glass.

Window tints installed on the glass can help reduce the amount of time air conditioners or heaters in winter are in use thus saving on energy costs.

How does window tinting help provide heat control in summer?

Window films are designed to screen out some of the sun’s radiation without reducing a lot of light.

Window films can reduce up to 78 % of the sun’s heat that comes through the windows. People will feel more comfortable even sitting close to the glass.

How does window tinting help keep my home warm in winter?

Up to 40% of energy in a home is lost through windows. Installing a window film with a low-emissivity coating can prevent cold air from escaping through glass.

Low emissivity film can improve the insulation value of a typical single pane window close to that of a double pane window.

Will window films stop my furnishings from fading?

Nothing stops fading but a good window tint will reduce the major causes of fading and therefore substantially prolong the life of fabrics and carpets.

Can window films reduce glare?

Glare is caused by excess light. Installing window tints can reduce some of the light making it more comfortable looking through the glass.

How will window tint films affect my view?

Our window films reduce sun, heat and glare while providing great clarity through the glass.

How much privacy do I get from window tinting films?

Window tints can provide great privacy during the day but not at night when lights are on inside the house. The amount of daytime privacy depends upon the type of film installed on the glass.

Mirrored films can give privacy even close up to the glass. Other less obvious films installed on the glass can give good privacy from the street. (See under Frosted films for another way to provide privacy with films on glass)

How do I clean my tinted windows?

Abrasive products which would scratch or damage the film should not be used.
Films can be cleaned using a soft, lint-free cloth. Rubber squeegees can also be used.

3M says that household cleaning products like Windex can also be used with a soft cloth to clean their films.

How long do window tinting films last?

Window films will provide very good value for money compared to other window treatments. Some residential films have a warranty for 10 years whilst other warranties are for a lifetime.

Safety & Security

Can safety and security window film make my premises more secure?

Traditional glass panes are quickly and easily broken allowing fast and quiet entry Safety and Security film makes it harder for burglars to penetrate the glass and gain access, acting as a deterrent and protecting your home or business.

How does security film work?

A glass pane with security film applied will still break if enough force is applied but the adhesive technology in safety & security films allows the film to bond tightly to the glass and therefore hold shattered glass together thus making it harder for a would-be intruder to penetrate.

Can security films also provide privacy?

Security films come in range from ultra clear films to mirrored and tinted varieties which will provide some privacy from outside the glass during the day.

Do security films protect from the sun?

Clear security films will provide protection against Ultra Violet rays which are a major cause of fading of fabrics. Tinted and mirrored security films will also reduce heat and glare from coming through the glass.

Solchek has installed 3M safety and security films on many premises in Adelaide for all types of eventualities including Government buildings with 3M High Spec Security films to protect against bomb blasts.

How do safety films work?

Safety films hold shattered glass in place, delivering protection from flying shards of glass after impact from wild weather, burglars or wayward tennis balls.

Duty of Care

“Duty of Care’ is a statement that is used more than ever in modern society. These days building managers and owners must consider the safety of people inside their buildings. Although we do not live in a high risk area for bomb blasts, accidents and workplace explosions still occur. Safety film on the glass protects people inside or immediately outside from fly shards.

Safety films can be installed to bring existing glass in homes and buildings up to current Australian Standards and the Australian Building Code.


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